Jim Miller


Mr. Miller (born 1955) is the sole member or SeaJay Consulting LLC and is currently providing consulting services to the construction and maritime industries. During the period of June 2011 through September 2017, Mr. Miller served as Executive Vice President – Americas at Kvaerner and President of Kvaerner Americas Holdings Inc. Prior to that Mr. Miller served as President and CEO of Philly Shipyard from June 2008 to April 2011. Before coming to the shipyard, Mr. Miller was President of Aker Solutions Process and Construction (P&C) Americas, where he was responsible for the operations of seven business units. During his tenure, Aker Solutions P&C Americas became a leading provider of global engineering and construction solutions with 7,500 employees, including 4,500 construction trades personnel. Prior to joining Aker Solutions P&C Americas, Mr. Miller held the position of President of Aker Construction, Inc., which was one of the largest union construction companies in the North America. He is currently the sole Director for all remaining Kvaerner U.S. based legal and operating entities. In addition, Mr. Miller currently serves as Board Director of Matrix Service Company, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is a public company listed on the Nasdaq Exchange. Mr. Miller also serves on the Board of Directors of San Juan Construction, an ESOP company based in Montrose, Colorado. Mr. Miller previously served as Chairman of the Board for Philly Shipyard ASA from June 2011 to April 2014. Mr. Miller graduated from the University of Edinboro in Pennsylvania with a BA. Mr. Miller is a U.S. citizen. Mr. Miller holds zero shares in the company and has no stock options. He has been elected for the period 2018-2020.