Plate Priming Facility Operations

Philly Shipyard operates a plate preservation line just outside of the shipyard that receives plates from the steel mill, and then shot blasts and primes them with a weldable zinc primer, also known as a pre-construction primer. The cycle takes place in an indoor controlled environment for proper surface preparation, and is completed in less than four minutes.
Priming Facility Capabilities:

  • The Plate Preservation Line can accommodate plates up to 60’ long and 12 ½’ wide, with a thickness of 3/8" – 5 ½” 
  • Accommodates various steel formats including plates, flats, angles, and channels
  • Rail spur available to load/unload large shipments efficiently
  • Crane loading and un-loading
  • Blasting-only services are available
  • SSPC SP-10 Near-White Metal surface preparation
  • Unique barcode system (numerical or alpha-numerical) that can print additional information on the primed plates (i.e. Heat or PO numbers) for certification tracking
  • Prompt turn-around service

Markets Serviced:

  • Marine
  • Tanks & Piping Bridge
  • Fabricators
  • Industrial OEM’s


  • Pre-primed steel plates can be laid out, cut and welded to reduce fabrication time thus increasing production and quality
  • Excellent corrosion protection (even after heating to 1400 degrees F) which reduces the cost of weld splatter removal
  • The plate preservation line cuts the time and costs associated with field applied paint systems and allows for JIT delivery of your material
  • Unlike other protective coatings, which must be removed before welding and cutting, the zinc primer remains on the steel surface with no adverse effects on the weld’s integrity. Only the weld itself needs to be surface prepped post-fabrication.

For more information, please send inquiries to: 
Phone: 215-468-1634
Email: info @ 

Location: Philly Shipyard Priming Facility
2001 Langley Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19112

Material Deliveries: Monday-Thursday: 6:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Friday: 6:30AM - 12:00PM (if prior arrangements have been made)